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Kat's Alternative Healing Tool-Kit

Kathleen Fenaughty, 2105. Under Thunder Mountain.

Course Material Developed by Kathleen Fenaughty, 2015 to be used in teaching my workshop and course series.
                                             THE ESSENTIAL FOUR:


 Deep pranayama practice, sunlight and oxygen-rich supplements.


FOOD: Clean Food.
Common GMO Offenders: causes instant and gradual digestive, assimilation and elimination issues.
Avoid all white sugars, white flours and white pastas.
Try removing gluten; go gluten free gradually with wise choices.

            Organic- Chose local when possible- pesticide and herbicide free farmers only. (These local farmers may not be certified USDA (Food and Drugs- go figure, right?) but if they do not use chemicals, it’s good for you to get local soil organisms through locally produced food. It’s good for your inner body.)


Clean, non-tap Ph. Balanced/Alkaline water preferred. Distilled. Purified water systems help.


 Yoga, dance-play and integrate. Exercise with the energy of love, joy and play. Make it fun and laugh.


Kathleen Fenaughty, 2015. Under Thunder Mountain.

Food Lists, Kathleen Fenaughty, Under Thunder Mountain, 2105.

Power Super-foods for you to choose: Organic- BPA free cans

1. Seeds: Omega 3 Fatty Acid Goodness
a). Chia
b). Hemp (per serving contains more iron than beef)
c). Flax

            2. Nuts/oils: Nut butter fibers
                        a). Almonds & Almond butter
                        b). Sunflower seeds & the butter
c). Walnuts & walnut butter

3. Greens: Promotes Alkaline Cancer fighter
a). Kale/ Swiss Chard/Turnip & Mustard
b). Avocado/ Celery- reduces inflammation
c). Romaine lettuce/Chlorophyll/ Green Beans

4. Roots:
a). Ginger-root
b). Tumeric- ( curcuminoids with potent anti-cancer & powerful anti-inflammatory )
c). Garlic

5. Fruits & Berries: Mind/body foods
a). Apples & lemons
b). Berries
c). Dried Figs (libido support)

6). Veggies: Antioxidant Cancer fighting Alkaline Immune Boosters
a). Carrots
b). Broccoli
c). Green beans

7). Oils: Antimicrobial and Omega 3 powerhouses
a). Coconut-microbial and liver assistance for energy
b). Flax
c). Hemp

Kathleen Fenaughty, 2105, Under Thunder Mountain.

                        8). Grains and Grass
                                    a). Quinoa
                                    b). Oats
                                    c). Wild Rice (filled with antioxidants by nature)

                        9). Squash Cancer fighting Carbohydrates
                                    a). Sweet Potatoes
                                    b). Pumpkins
                                    c). Butternut squash

10). Deserts
a). Organic cocoa or caco powder
b). Coconut chips
c). Organic only Keifer and/or Yogurt for pro-biotic support

   Dirty Dozen- ORGANIC ONLY

1. Apples                                             7. Cherry Tomato       
2. Peaches                                           8. Celery
            3. Nectarines                                       9. Spinach
            4. Strawberries                                    10. Cucumber
            5. Grapes                                             11. Snap Peas
            6.  Sweet Bell Pepper                          12. Potatoes

                        Clean Fifteen- Least likely to contain Pesticides 

            1. Avocado                 6. Onion                      11. Eggplant
            2. Sweet Corn             7. Asparagus               12. Grapefruit
            3. Pineapple                 8. Mango                     13. Canteloupe
            4. Cabbage                  9. Papaya                     14. Cauliflower
            5. Frozen Sweet Peas  10. Kiwi                      15. Sweet Potato

Kathleen Fenaughty, 2015. Under Thunder Mountain.

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