Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kathleen Fenaughty
Under Thunder Mountain, 2015.
        January 5, 2016

A. My Truth/Questions:

The healing system in place for cancer patients is detrimental to health and is not a healing modality. It is defined and sold as a battlefield. With more dead than alive and with those alive being wounded warriors and the rate of cancer growing, then perhaps a new perspective for a more conscious care system will be embraced-

 One without the fear but based on love and freedom instead. One of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the Constitution of United States has provided for all Americans.

1. What is War? War is trauma, war is rape, war is death, injury, pain, PTSD, etc, etc, etc…

We employ “Cut, poison and burn” warfare tactics for a warrior mentality and warfare on the body and race’s for the cures and pink-washing industries and GMO’s ( cancer tumor effects linked in laboratory animals and the Agent orange defoliant’s (“non-casually” linked Vietnam veteran out-of-court settlement chemical’s – stories of the people’s disease’s and their children’s genetic deformities then denied as not related even with the children born with major deformities) was flipped into our foods and onto our lawns as safe and effective pesticides and herbicides for us.

2. Who said our children must go to war and be hero’s and why do we believe it?

Why instead of Oxygen we run for the cure and shave head’s and hold our hands in support- if you’re one of the lucky ones who is embraced in their community by obedience to the care system Insurance covered care, jail or the state taking the children from their home.

Why then, if we are in fact warriors at war using war-fare tactics, we fail to consider something like the Geneva Convention- anyone who is a victim of war has rights.
Who are the victims of war? Are the mothers left weeping after their child dies from treatments, victims? 
What are the rights and what are the rights we lose when we choose to go alternative, like MMP?

What if we redefine disease and re-imagine how we deal with it and how we can heal dis-ease with more ease instead of treating the disease in our body as an enemy.
John Hopkins research already states cancer cells are in every body, so are we all diseased?

Why Forgiveness is vital.

B. My 3-part Story:

Believe, Be loved, Beloved, Mama Lilla from Under Thunder Mountain

1. Diagnosis,
2. My Successful Search for Alternatives and My Shift of consciousness and the benefits of MM for me.
3. Return and the difficulties and decline of health until MMP and requested removal by my physicians fear of allowing their cancer patients to meet me and hear my story.

Why was I told I was crazy when I felt the radiation burning my breast?
Why was I ridiculed when I chose an alternative healing path?
Why, when I return healed am I hidden?
Why are so many dead and damaged?

C. My Belief

Our consciousness drives the Force and we can change the things we put in place, the structures we built when we expand our understanding and when we can wrap our brains around the new materials.
The narrative’s of our stories are vital. They are the voices of us united, they are the voices of so many silenced over so many years. But now the technology has opened up the portal of the collective voices. The voices of the suffering and those damaged by the cancer system of care have spoken and our voices have united.
For the dead, for the dying, for the suffering, for the survivors and for those who witnessed the death of their loved ones as they held their hands while chemo poisons streamed through their veins and into the hearts and livers and organs until everything inside of the body died and took them with them, and for the sake of all the suffering through the system of care, how many more years must this war continue?

 Yes, there are survivors of this war. I am a survivor from 2007 and I believe I am here because I refused the system of care. How many diagnosed and treated in 2007 are still here and what is their quality of health?

I chose a different path- a path less traveled by and, like Robert Frost said, that has made all the difference for me. I hope you can choose because Choice Matters, You Matter and we matter, All of Us together can make a difference and be restored by the sunshine of freedom and we can heal and be as if we were born again with ease.

I Believe Freedom can win over fear- War-based metaphoric approach to disease and cancer specifically forces our own children to become warriors and fear-bullying tactics for the elderly and their family members to force the “standard of care” agenda.

 We know history is written and recorded by the victors of war. I am victorious, right?

I Believe our Voices Matter, Medical Humanities and the narrative of so many voices silenced over these past 50 years- our collective narratives- our collective stories can shift our consciousness collectively and the technology of today gives voice to the people.

I Believe the patient/human comes first- and we hold the keys to harness the good of our medicines and also recognize what isn’t working and be willing to make the changes necessary to achieve the desired results.
Are we so indebted to the machines we build, that we close our eyes and shut our ears to the suffering voices? Why do we choose to believe we can stabilize a non-stable force such as radiation when the innovator herself- Madame Curie died from radiation poisoning and with radiation leaks and power plants melting, well, why?

I Believe Compassionate care means no more chemicals. I Believe in the power of plant-based medicine.

I Believe in the power of the people to make changes, to examine, to forgive, to explore and to re-create. No more bullies in school means no more bullies in medicine.
A crowd can not be silenced as permanently as the voice of one person.

I believe in you.
I believe in us.

Believe, beloved, beloved blessing from Under Thunder Mountain.

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