Friday, December 28, 2012

Cancer changes everything.

A brisk afternoon walk following the recent snow/ice storm was enough of a stimulant for me to begin my blog. On this full moon day of December 28, 2012, almost New Year's Eve time, (when resolutions appear as fast as they disappear) I strapped on my boots and struggled over the chunks of snow and ice, determined and ready. But I've walked for many years and for many reasons. And, like anything done on a regular basis, it becomes comfortable and familiar. Protest appears when change appears and then resistance soon follows- even good change is still change.The fact that I walk hasn't changed at all. It's my attitude that changed. I know it changed many moons ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer changes everything. But, five years later, after maneuvering through the alternative cancer care path, a more loving approach manifested. One I can share with you. Still, cancer changes everything. Blessings and love.