Monday, February 4, 2013

Uniting the Great Divide

The great divide. The phrase resonates with a certain weightiness of something we can not ignore; of a certain impossibility, or a certain fear that the division will not only remain but that the division may even grow greater. Still, with all that, there is a dream rising from love which yearns for a hopeful union. Someone to rally a force, to build a bridge and join the great divide. But there is also a sense of turning an eye away from the very thing we shouldn't ignore; the great divide. This ignoring is driven by forces of fear-a fear that desires to hold its own camp in place, so to speak. 
In one camp, where the science of traditional medicine is based, the camp is constructed from statistics; from gathering and recording the data according to the rules established by the standard of care and sponsored by the Industry. Standard of care rules that camp. In the other camp, where the alternative world is based, the camp is ruled by certain protocols which must be followed accordingly. 
The individual must choose one camp or the other. No crossing of camps is allowed. Besides, there is no bridge. There are however, planners, rising from love, yearning for a hopeful union.
Check out "Cancer's Cause, Cancer's Cure." The author, Morton Walker, D.P.M., a world renowned journalist, specializes in Holistic medicine. Perhaps one of the bridge builders to cross the Great Divide.

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