Thursday, January 3, 2013

Medicine is an Art not a Science

Even with all of our interconnections, we are still, each one, individually, unique beings. That is why Medicine is an Art, not a Science. Yet, we are pooled together when being treated for breast cancer, and probably any cancer for that matter, with a standard of care which includes: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. When I was diagnosed back in 2007, very little information was available on the Internet. We didn't even have Facebook. And, my cancer team discouraged me from doing any research. But, I did it anyway. Ultimately, I made choices for my body. It was my body after-all, and my body didn't want what the doctors were prescribing. So, I refused the chemotherapy treatments. However, even though I eventually followed through with the proscribed radiation treatments and the pharmaceuticals, my decisions alienated me and identified me as a non-compliant cancer patient. Unfortunately, my already weakened immune system, weakened even more. I had to find a different path. So, after I completed the radiation series, I stopped taking the pharmaceuticals and left for the West where I found a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. I had never even heard of HBOT before, let alone know that almost every hospital has a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber on site to use on burn victims. However, the Medical profession failed to admit that the radiation had burned me. There was no external evidence. With no external evidence, I was told that the burning was just in my head. But the truth is that radiation does burn. And it can continue to burn, unnoticed and slowly, over time, until it eventually burns through the tissues and into the organs. So, I am here now to share what I have learned along the way. Most importantly of all: Remember, you are a unique being. Remember, choices for cancer care are available. Remember, it is your body. Remember, Medicine is an Art, not a Science.  

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